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MacGregor Racquets

This is a macgregor bergelin long string tennis racket. It is never used still in plastic. It is made of plastic and has a few rips in it. But it is still in great condition. It is $50.

Macgregor Collegiate Paddleball Racquet
MacGregor Youth Tennis Rackets

MacGregor Youth Tennis Rackets

By MacGregor

USD $9.00

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The macgregor wide elite tennis racquet is a top quality racquet that will provide you with all the power you need to take on the most powerful players in the game. This racquet has a tough look and feel that will make you feel like you are in control of the game. With its black and green colors it is sure to. This is a great choice for those looking for a competitive racquet.
the macgregor racquets are the perfect way to prepare for the tennis season. This set of racquets includes four at 12-and-14 size, making it perfect for playing in the tennis court. The macgregor racquets are made of strong, durable zephyr metal press and provide excellent performance for a 4-12 tennis team.
this is a great opportunity to own a vintage macgregor racquet. It is a great addition to any tennis or tennis player's collection. This racquet is in great condition and is a great addition to any tournament. This racquet is made of 14-grit sand and is made to endured a lot of wear and tear. It has a modern look and feels good in the hand. The weapon is also able to hit high balls and make for a strong return.